Get Knitting Chart Maker for Android today!
December 14th, 2012

Knitting Chart Maker for Android is Available in Google Play!
Knitting Chart Maker was released today!
December 13th, 2012

Knitting Chart Maker for iPad and iPhone is out today! Android version coming soon!
Prayer Circle 1.1 is available in the App Store!
June 8th, 2012

Prayer Circle has a new look and feel!
Create Knitting Charts easily on your iPhone, iPad, or Android Smartphone!
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Knitting Chart Maker lets you create your own knitting charts easily! With over 30 common symbols and an intuitive interface, it's easy to create knitting charts as simple or as complex as you like.
Include notes and descriptions in your charts and when you export an image of your pattern they're included. You can export charts as graphic files, save or share them, and even convert charts into patterns! That's right, you can convert a chart into a written knitting pattern.

You can get Knitting Chart Maker for iOS in the App Store if you click here.

You can get the Android version of Knitting Chart Maker from the Google Play store if you click here.

For only $3.99, the full version allows you to save and export your work as a graphic chart or a written pattern. You can print or send via email, dropbox, Google Drive or other programs.
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